An Ode To My Bedroom – De-Cluttering Part 1

My dear bedroom. I’ve left you on your own for too long. I’ve neglected you for too long and I’ve made you look ugly. I’m truly sorry… Please don’t give up on me and give me a second chance.

Yeahhhhh… I’m starting in the bedroom because I really need to get to my paperwork for my taxes, find receipts for returns, and find my clothing. So that I can wash them and not be tempted to go to the store and spend money I don’t have buying another piece of clothing I don’t need.

It will take baby steps because I already feel overwhelmed. Lets NOT discuss how could I let it get THIS bad because I want to talk about the future space and sanctuary that is about to be born. HAH!

Now the question is how do I start and where? I’ve been receiving a daily to do list from a site called ““. The creator (Flylady) calls her followers Flybabies. Isn’t that cute? (^_^) I like her system and I’m finally going to try it for real starting in the bedroom. I know that this week they are working in another room/zone of the house/apartment but if you check the site there is a collection of rooms/zones that you can work on each day for about a week. The main thing for me is to help me de-clutter and find my lost things before getting into the heavy deep cleaning.

What I like the most about this group is that you are never behind! The FlyLady tells us to start where we are and not to try to catch up. Isn’t that GREAT? I don’t have to feel overwhelmed that I’m behind the rest of the group but I can start where I am right now!  Yay! Now I’ll try this for a week and I’ll see if I’ve improved or if this FlyLady system worked for me. I’ll Keep you posted!


I Am Isabel