What I got for Christmas!


My mom came back from visiting her dad and my older sister who I’ve only seen in my life once because of family drama. Slowly but surely everyone involved has been thawing out and it is pretty cool how changed frames of minds help keep things in perspective. ┬áMy sister Madeline and I had sent our older sister a nice set of jewelry and she loved it!!

So she sent each of us a watch and a journal. I took picture of it it to show it here. I really liked the way she used the bow here :


Of course….I can never wait for Christmas to open ANY gifts because they are RIGHT THERE!!! HOW CAN I NOT OPEN IT!!!


What I like about the watch is that it the colored strings is a weaving of threads and the golden edges have been used to anchor the thread and are used as thread. It’s very pretty!!!

Can’t wait too keep in touch! (^_^)


Blogging Goals 2016

Wow!! Just wow! I had meant to do a lot of writing in this blog and it’s been 3.5 years. I realized I might have been unrealistically ambitious when I was making changes to my life. WoW so much to say so little time but I’ve always meant to come back. Instead of going back in time I’m going to start where I am and go from there. I don’t know how many will read this but its not the point. It’s mainly to bring the words running around my mind into a visual readable form. A new year is coming..let’s see how I do in this journey huh?