Procrastination! Your Day ARE Numbered!

Soooo here I am again…Humm… Today I’m going to address a serious issue that affects so many of us. PROCRASTINATION! The bane of our existence! ARGH!!! From my great years of experience at procrastinating I’ve learned several things:

1. It affects your school work. Like being academically dismissed from the university for having a 1.97 GPA because you missed deadlines or waited for the last minute? Procrastinating will do that to you.

2. Having the state and federal government after you to file your taxes from several years back? Because I can’t find any of the W-2’s that are somewhere in the room. Procrastination.

3. Gaining over 60 pounds because tomorrow is another day to exercise and now it takes a while to walk and some times it’s hard to breath? Procrastination.

4. Sent to the collection agencies for failure to pay on time and now the credit card companies don’t even want my business? Procrastination.

5. Coming up with great song ideas and lyrics and just keep collecting them until I have over 80 possible songs that I’ve never finished? Procrastination.

6. Collecting/buying instruments for years to learn to play but always find something else to do? Procrastination

7. Have a whole wall sectioned off for my home-based business but never really learned to perfect the product because I’m busy entertaining myself? Procrastination.

I can’t remember anything else from the top of my head but as I remember them I’ll keep updating this post.

In order to move forward, majority of us need some form of organization. I know there are people that are spontaneous and it works for them. I wish I was spontaneous but the reality for me is that I’d forget everything if I didn’t write it somewhere. What is worse is that I have to set an alarm in order to check my schedule or I’d forget to check my schedule. ARGH!! Some people may think that maybe I have ADD. I know I don’t have ADD and the problem is that my head feels cluttered with an overload of information. So I’m limiting the amount of information to the ones I really need to get me back on track with my life.

I guess my first place to start is..MY BEDROOM!. On the next post I’ll talk about the different system(s) I might try to help me in the bedroom.


I Am Isabel