Safety & Style

During lunch time, I was taking my break and was looking around the store where I work. Where I found these beauties below.

These, as you can see are pepper spray. You can buy each to match your outfit!

But wait! There is more!

When a girl panics and can’t find her voice. There is this little gadget that will raise the alarm for you! Aren’t you glad for inventions?

But wait! There is more!

Lets say for some reason or another you are stuck inside the car and can’t get out? Well bring out your fashionable little hammer and make sure to protect your self from glass and break a car window to help you in your escape!

Humm….. These have given me an idea for my christmas shopping list for the female family members! 👍🏼 It’s never too early to start shopping.

What do you think?


I LOVE Tea Things!

I work at this store that has all these cutes gifts and they have teapots and cups which I really like but can’t buy because I don’t have the space. Instead, I take pictures so enjoy! 

What do you think? Aren’t they pretty?

What I got for Christmas!


My mom came back from visiting her dad and my older sister who I’ve only seen in my life once because of family drama. Slowly but surely everyone involved has been thawing out and it is pretty cool how changed frames of minds help keep things in perspective.  My sister Madeline and I had sent our older sister a nice set of jewelry and she loved it!!

So she sent each of us a watch and a journal. I took picture of it it to show it here. I really liked the way she used the bow here :


Of course….I can never wait for Christmas to open ANY gifts because they are RIGHT THERE!!! HOW CAN I NOT OPEN IT!!!


What I like about the watch is that it the colored strings is a weaving of threads and the golden edges have been used to anchor the thread and are used as thread. It’s very pretty!!!

Can’t wait too keep in touch! (^_^)

Blogging Goals 2016

Wow!! Just wow! I had meant to do a lot of writing in this blog and it’s been 3.5 years. I realized I might have been unrealistically ambitious when I was making changes to my life. WoW so much to say so little time but I’ve always meant to come back. Instead of going back in time I’m going to start where I am and go from there. I don’t know how many will read this but its not the point. It’s mainly to bring the words running around my mind into a visual readable form. A new year is coming..let’s see how I do in this journey huh?

An Ode To My Bedroom – De-Cluttering Part 1

My dear bedroom. I’ve left you on your own for too long. I’ve neglected you for too long and I’ve made you look ugly. I’m truly sorry… Please don’t give up on me and give me a second chance.

Yeahhhhh… I’m starting in the bedroom because I really need to get to my paperwork for my taxes, find receipts for returns, and find my clothing. So that I can wash them and not be tempted to go to the store and spend money I don’t have buying another piece of clothing I don’t need.

It will take baby steps because I already feel overwhelmed. Lets NOT discuss how could I let it get THIS bad because I want to talk about the future space and sanctuary that is about to be born. HAH!

Now the question is how do I start and where? I’ve been receiving a daily to do list from a site called ““. The creator (Flylady) calls her followers Flybabies. Isn’t that cute? (^_^) I like her system and I’m finally going to try it for real starting in the bedroom. I know that this week they are working in another room/zone of the house/apartment but if you check the site there is a collection of rooms/zones that you can work on each day for about a week. The main thing for me is to help me de-clutter and find my lost things before getting into the heavy deep cleaning.

What I like the most about this group is that you are never behind! The FlyLady tells us to start where we are and not to try to catch up. Isn’t that GREAT? I don’t have to feel overwhelmed that I’m behind the rest of the group but I can start where I am right now!  Yay! Now I’ll try this for a week and I’ll see if I’ve improved or if this FlyLady system worked for me. I’ll Keep you posted!


I Am Isabel

Procrastination! Your Day ARE Numbered!

Soooo here I am again…Humm… Today I’m going to address a serious issue that affects so many of us. PROCRASTINATION! The bane of our existence! ARGH!!! From my great years of experience at procrastinating I’ve learned several things:

1. It affects your school work. Like being academically dismissed from the university for having a 1.97 GPA because you missed deadlines or waited for the last minute? Procrastinating will do that to you.

2. Having the state and federal government after you to file your taxes from several years back? Because I can’t find any of the W-2’s that are somewhere in the room. Procrastination.

3. Gaining over 60 pounds because tomorrow is another day to exercise and now it takes a while to walk and some times it’s hard to breath? Procrastination.

4. Sent to the collection agencies for failure to pay on time and now the credit card companies don’t even want my business? Procrastination.

5. Coming up with great song ideas and lyrics and just keep collecting them until I have over 80 possible songs that I’ve never finished? Procrastination.

6. Collecting/buying instruments for years to learn to play but always find something else to do? Procrastination

7. Have a whole wall sectioned off for my home-based business but never really learned to perfect the product because I’m busy entertaining myself? Procrastination.

I can’t remember anything else from the top of my head but as I remember them I’ll keep updating this post.

In order to move forward, majority of us need some form of organization. I know there are people that are spontaneous and it works for them. I wish I was spontaneous but the reality for me is that I’d forget everything if I didn’t write it somewhere. What is worse is that I have to set an alarm in order to check my schedule or I’d forget to check my schedule. ARGH!! Some people may think that maybe I have ADD. I know I don’t have ADD and the problem is that my head feels cluttered with an overload of information. So I’m limiting the amount of information to the ones I really need to get me back on track with my life.

I guess my first place to start is..MY BEDROOM!. On the next post I’ll talk about the different system(s) I might try to help me in the bedroom.


I Am Isabel

Educating Myself

I read in a book called “From The Trash Man To The Cash Man” that,

“Rich people educate themselves while poor people entertain themselves.”

I know that not all poor people entertain themselves and not all rich people educate themselves. I still thought about that quote for a while and I had to admit that one of my great waste of time is watching TV or being in the internet. I could spend about 5-10 hours a day watching anything from American series to foreign series to reading manga and searching for free online books. All of these great time wasters were for the sole purpose of relaxing after a hard day at work.

I also learned that time is a resource that can be wasted and never regained. The book taught me that my time is worth so much more than what I thought. Knowing this, I decided that since I don’t know ANYTHING about running a business I should read up on other successful people, get other business books and see if I learned anything that could be applied to my fledgeling home-based business.

I decided to start my research in the library. I bet you are asking “If the internet is there why go to the library?” I guess it’s because I miss looking at the shelves of books full of adventure and knowledge that has helped us for generations when we sought information. Since this is a beginning of a new life, I felt I should go to the library in  my search and romantically roamed through the shelves while the scent of the pages in the books gave me the feeling that I was close to the knowledge I was seeking. The following is a list of books that I borrowed from the library:

1.  Business Stripped Bare: Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur by Richard Branson

2. Everything I Know About Business I Learned From The Grateful Dead: The Ten Most Innovative Lessons From A Long, Strange Trip by Barry Barnes PhD

3.  Jesus, Inc. – The Visionary Path: An Entrepreneur’s Guide To True Success by Laurie Beth Jones

4.  Scrappy Startups: How 15 Ordinary Women Turned Their Unique Ideas into Profitable Businesses by Melanie R. Kevelest

5. The Complete Idiot’s Guide To: Starting Your Own Business by Ed Paulson

6. True To Yourself: Leading A Values-Based Business by Mark Albion

As I read these books I’ll be posting my musings and what I’ve learned and hopefully can apply to myself and business.

I Am Isabel

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made? The Case for Entrepreneurship Studies (